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I am trying to make offline maps through caching (IndexedDB) in browser. I understand the concept is that I download and store the tiles of map first when connected to internet.

Then I have to load the tiles logically offline.

However, I'm not able to figure it out.

How do I store them and how to load them again logically? I'm stuck here. I am using the leaflet API for maps. How can this be implemented?

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2 Answers

I have cache example implementation http://tbicr.github.com/OfflineMap/leaflet/index.html and code https://github.com/tbicr/OfflineMap/tree/master/leaflet_idb_sql_site.

For storage used IndexedDB and WebSQL. Storage had low performance and not tested.

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I think you just stored in cache. Right? Can we store the tiles in localstorage and then load them, when offline ? –  Abhi Ram A Apr 17 '13 at 12:31
No source files stored in application cache, cached tiles in IndexedDB or WebSQL. You can use localstorage (and this very easy because it synchronous) but it have some restrictions by size (by spec 5MB, real see dev-test.nemikor.com/web-storage/support-test). However you can use hacks like this: filldisk.com, but this don't work in all browsers and can be fixed. –  tbicr Apr 17 '13 at 12:46
Oh, k. So, you are caching tiles. I understood now. Can i say something.... As you mentioned to cache the file in the appcache.manifest file, it will store the tiles automatically. I don't think you need to explicitly store tiles in IndexedDB or WebSQL. Once try, without storing the tiles in IndexedDB. They will automatically stored, as you have included appcache.manifest . Thank you, so much. –  Abhi Ram A Apr 17 '13 at 13:12
You can try add needed tiles to application cache and this can work, but you must know which tiles you need (as I know application cache can't store any file dynamically from js) and each tile you must write into application cache manifest file, for example to store tile for city with 2 billions people with zoom 1-16 you need more then 3000 tiles. –  tbicr Apr 17 '13 at 13:28
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See my extensive research on this at:

Storing Image Data for offline web application (client-side storage database)

and at:


Key for what you want to do is a Functional Tile layer to get stuff from the DB:


BTW, I am just now testing out PouchDB for this, which is much cleaner that the raw IndexeDB.

Follow my results at:


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