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I have written a multiple JUnit test suite for running multiple test cases.(multiple JUnit test like AllTest1.java/AllTest2.java is requirement of my web project)

Now, I want to run my multiple test suite classes (AllTest1.java/AllTest2.java) at a time means on same build time.. for this I used maven-surefire-plugin but not able to execute both same time I have used many logic to execute but not successed:(..Is there any way to execute both test-suite parallely .
Any help will be appreciated.

This is my current maven-surefire-plugin configuration:


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This looks indeed like integration tests and unit tests or a combination of both. For such purposes i would suggest to use the maven-failsafe-plugin to run the integration tests which should follow the naming schema:


Furthermore the usual unit tests will be executed by the maven-surefire-plugin which should follow the following naming schema:


Furthermore you should avoid using test suites, cause based on the naming schema it can be distinguished if it's a unit- or integration tests.

After you changed to the above schema you can run the unit tests by

mvn test

running the integration tests by using:

mvn verify
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