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I have been trying to install the MSVAD virtual audio sample drivers from the Windows DDK on Windows 7 64bits, without success. I modified the sample INF to only support the "simple" driver. The ChkInf tool confirms that everything is OK with the INF file, I signed the package with a Test certificate. So far, so good. The problem is: despite reading the documentation on the Microsoft website, I have no clue of how to actually install this driver. The problem is that it does not match a physical device, so I can't use the Device Manager to update the driver on an existing device. Aside from that, the right-click on INF + Install method does not work as the INF lacks a DefaultInstall section (which is a requirement for signing drivers).

I would like to be able to install this driver from the command-line ideally, but if a specific program is required, I'll have to go that way.

Thanks in advance for any clue on how to solve this.

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