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I am learning c++ and wish to draw geometry to better enjoy the process and test my scripts. I searched for a library to draw vectors in c++ and found Cairo came highly recommended on this site. I went ahead and downloaded Gtkmm that comes with Cairomm and installed it. I so far used this aweomse tutorial:

I followed the steps but I think this tutorial might be outdated or there may be an issue with one of the steps on MSVC 2012 with gtkmm-vc100-d-2_4.props (that is perhaps only supported on MSVC 2010). In general I really want to get started but I am new to this and very confused atm.

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It seems the current latest Project property file is not supported with Visual Studio 11 (2012). I should have known that with the file name being, 'gtkmm-vc100-2_4'.

It works perfectly with VC10 so I reverted to using that for the time being.

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I compiled gtkmm3 on Widnows 7 x64 (including cairo and others) for Visual Studio, see this

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I have a CMake based project to build gtkmm on top of MSYS2 (it used to use OBS). It can be used with any version of Visual Studio supported by CMake as well as plain makefiles and jom makefiles.

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