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I read the new wiki Modularizing Services on the ServiceStack page. What I don't find is how that I can register multiple services inside a plugin. Of course I can use appHost.Register(typeof(MyServiceInside)) for each service inside the plugin. Is there a quicker way to add multiple services at once? Like you can in the constructor of the AppHost by specifying the assembly?

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RegisterService allows you to register adhoc Services Manually. If you don't want to type the method out each time just use a For Loop:

var ServiceRoutes = new Dictionary<Type, string[]> {
    { typeof(AuthService), new[]{"/auth", "/auth/{provider}"} },
    { typeof(AssignRolesService), new[]{"/assignroles"} },
    { typeof(UnAssignRolesService), new[]{"/unassignroles"} },

foreach (var registerService in ServiceRoutes)
    appHost.RegisterService(registerService.Key, registerService.Value);
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I marked it as an answer, although it was not what I hoped for :-) This solution is actually the same as typing the .Register(typeof(xx)) multiple times. But I understand it is not possible to add an assembly in the RegisterService as with the constructor of the AppHost. Thanks. – Stefan de Vogelaere Apr 16 '13 at 22:39

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