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I am trying to configurate adb to be used with ubuntu 10.0.4. I installed all th sdk, then i puted the path of pmatform-tools and tools in PATH. but when i try to run adb command unkown.
I tried cd path/sdk/plateform-tools then adb devices .
I have all the time unkown command but, when i tried, ./adb devices every thing is all right. what is the problem and how to resolve it.

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It should work if you added the adb to PATH. One way to permanently add it to PATH is to edit $HOME/.bashrc:

export PATH=$PATH:path_to_android_sdk/tools:path_to_android_sdk/platform-tools

After this, close and open the terminal and the sdk should be in PATH. You can see what adb is used by executing this command in the terminal:

which adb

After this, go to the file and grant execution rights to it:

chmod a+x adb
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After you add in PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:path_to_android_sdk/tools:path_to_android_sdk/platform-tools

try use :

source ~/.bashrc
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