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I face the following problem with my report for Datetime field:


enter image description here

I check for null or empty but i always get this error

I try this :



=IIF(Fields!recommendationDate.Value is nothing, nothing,Format(CDate(Fields!recommendationDate.Value),"dd/MM/yyyy"))
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have you tried format without CDate? I'll run some tests here. –  eestein Apr 16 '13 at 13:13

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The correct code would be:

IIf(IsNothing(Fields!recommendationDate.Value), "",
              format(Fields!recommendationDate.Value, "dd/MM/yyyy"))
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=IIF(CDATE(IIF(TRIM(Fields!recommendationDate.Value).ToString().Length = 0,
Fields!recommendationDate.Value)).ToString() = CDATE("01/01/0001"),
Format(CDATE(IIF(TRIM(Fields!recommendationDate.Value).ToString().Length = 0,
Fields!recommendationDate.Value)), "dd-MMM-yyyy"))
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I don't know if the IIf here is similar or the same as IIf in Ms Access, but all parts of the expression are executed (condition, true part and false part) irrespective of the outcome. You might want to try testing the field for NULL first using something like IsNull():

IIf(IsNull(Fields!recommendationDate.Value), CDate('01/01/0001'), Fields!recommendationDate.Value)
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