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i working since some days with APEX and i added a Shuttle also a text field which contains after processing the selected values.

for the shuttle i have made a LOV (contains stations) example: Be Fd Au ...

the target is get all object's which contains the selected station's but if i run the select i get more objects - also the object which does not contain any selected station, but i don’t know why

in the SQL statement i have the following: (ds_bess001 is the field for stations)

AND INSTR (:P4_BES_EN, zl.ds_bes001) > 0

for the shuttle i use PL/SQL below

   v_in_text    VARCHAR2 (500) := '';
   v_selected := APEX_UTIL.STRING_TO_TABLE (:P4_BES);

   FOR i IN 1 .. v_selected.COUNT
      v_in_text := v_in_text || v_selected (i);

      IF i < v_selected.COUNT
         -- v_in_text := v_in_text || ', ';
         v_in_text := v_in_text || ',';
      END IF;

   -- v_in_text := '''' || replace(:P1_SHUTTLE, ':', ''',''') || '''';
   :P4_BES_EN := v_in_text;

could anybody help me please?!

now i found the Problem i get the variable example Ap','Fd','Ab and the Problem is thats the variable miss the ' at the beginning and at the end

could anybody tel me how i could add the missing ' in the variable?

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try it with

:P4_BES_EN := ''''||v_in_text||'''';

for ' at the beginning and the end.

and i think you have to alter your instr to something like this

:P4_BES_EN := ','''||v_in_text||''',';

AND INSTR (:P4_BES_EN, ','||zl.ds_bes001||',') > 0


  v_in_text    VARCHAR2 (500) := 'Ap'',''Fd'',''Ab';
  v_in_text :=  ','''||v_in_text||''',';
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thanks for Help but i get the same result as before. i think the Problem is the sql statemant (AND INSTR (:P4_BES_EN, zl.ds_bes001) > 0 ) in the field ds_bes001 and the instr... so i need another solution for the SQL – user1856981 Apr 17 '13 at 9:38
but now there are ' at the beginning and end ? – Mario Apr 17 '13 at 9:58
yes thanks! the Problem was i found out is the statement in the sql ... because in filed ds_bes001 i have values A, B, C, De, Fg..==> so if i select the following station which would be inserted in the variable Ab, Ne i get object's with station A, Ab, Ne because i use the instr in the satemant ... but now i dont know, how i could fix the problem – user1856981 Apr 17 '13 at 10:05

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