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I'm using the Joda Time library to subtract one month from a LocalDate:

LocalDate date = new LocalDate(2013, 3, 31);

The result is 2013-02-28, which is what I would intuitively expect and which is also documented in the API:

If subtracting months makes the day-of-month invalid, it is adjusted to the last valid day in the month.

However, in my current project I need to be compatible with some existing PHP code like this:

$date = new \DateTime('2013-03-31');
echo $date->sub(new \DateInterval('P1M'))->format('Y-m-d');

The result here would be 2013-03-03, i.e. it is "rolling over" to the next month.

How can I achieve the same behaviour using Joda Time?

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PHP seems to subtract the number of days it finds in the previous month. This should do it with Joda:

LocalDate date = new LocalDate(2013, 3, 31);
int numberOfDays = date.minusMonths(1).dayOfMonth().getMaximumValue();
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This works great! Thank you! –  user2286693 Apr 16 '13 at 16:36

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