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I want to benchmark some queries using benchRun. But I don't see an option for projection.

Say I wanted to do the following query find({_id:1},{children:0}) how do I construct the operation document to reflect that? Or doesn't projection make sense in a benchmark scenario?

The documentation says:

The update object (same as 2nd argument of update() function).

So I was thinking I could do something like:

ops = [
    {op: "find", ns: t.getFullName(), query: {_id:1}, update: {children:0}}

It doesn't fail, but not sure if it actually does anything.

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Normally it doesn't make sense since projection should be a small operation on your db and if it isn't then you have a design problem, however, maybe there is a undocumented project or projection option too? If not then I dunno – Sammaye Apr 16 '13 at 14:08
@Sammaye good advice! I looked at the src and managed to find a filter option.… – Snæbjørn Apr 16 '13 at 14:19
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There is an undocumented option (actually there are more) called filter. See GitHub src for further info.

The solution:

ops = [
    {op: "find", ns: t.getFullName(), query: {_id:1}, filter: {children:0}}
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