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I'm currently working on a small website using Node.js, using express, jade, Boostrap and JQuery in the relevant technologies for this question.

I have the admin.jade page with several forms, the one I'm concerned with is as follows:

div#page4(style="display: none;")
            form(action='/activateMission',  method="post")#activateMission-form.form-horizontal.well.span6
                h1 Activar Missão
                p#sub1.subheading Active uma Missão a Ser Efectuada pelo grupo
                    label.control-label(for='groupActM-list') Mission
                            each item in missions
                                option(value = item.idmission + "," + item.description)=
                    label.control-label(for='descActM-tf') Description
                        input.descAct#descActM-tf.input-xlarge(type='text', name='descActM', value= '', disabled)
                        input.idActM#idActM-tf.input-xlarge(type='hidden', name='idActM', value= '', disabled)
                    button(type='submit').btn.btn-primary Activar

Now, on admin.js I'm changing the values of some of those fields with the following code:

//initialize description field
var valuesString = $('select.missionAct').children("option").filter(":selected").val();
var array = valuesString.split(',');
//update description field on dropdown change
    var valuesString = $('select.missionAct').children("option").filter(":selected").val();
    var array = valuesString.split(',');

Now, on router.js here's the code relevant to the post in question for that form:'/activateMission', function(req, res){
    var idM = req.param('idActM');
    console.log("idm: " + idM);

    MM.activateMission( idM
    , function(e){
        if (e){
            res.send(e, 400);
        }   else{
            res.send('ok', 200);

Now, the problem I'm currently having is 'idM' on router.js shows up as undefined, which strikes me as odd since I'm using the same structure in every other post and form and this never happens.

I've tried to access 'groupActM from the post of that form and I get a value, but if I try to access 'descActM' or 'idActM' using req.param both of them show up as undefined, which leads me to conclude the jquery doesn't really assign a value to that variable on the jade file? I can see the value I want the variable to have on the page, but when submit the form the variable doesn't seem to go through.

Your help would be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance and best regards, JCCC

Edit1: Well, this is awkward.


Should be


It didn't help that the field was hidden... I assumed I was using the same nomenclature for descAct and idAct, but I wasn't.


The variable can't be 'disabled' either on the jade side, although it can be hidden.

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It looks like your input fields are disabled and thus won't be submitted when posting the form.

Have you tried to change your admin.jade to not set the disabled param?

input.descAct#descActM-tf.input-xlarge(type='text', name='descActM', value= '')
input.idActM#idActM-tf.input-xlarge(type='hidden', name='idActM', value= '')
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This question is solved by both my edit1 and edit2, sorry for the ambiguous language on edit2, I meant that by removing the 'disabled' property the field can now be used. Adding 'hidden' hides the field but still allows it to be used. – JCCC Apr 22 '13 at 11:43

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