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I have a partial view which is requested & loaded into a modal window.

Following is the action method which generates the partial view:

public Ext.Net.MVC.PartialViewResult GetPartialView()
    var p = new Ext.Net.MVC.PartialViewResult { Model = ...., ViewName = "MyPartialView" };
    //!!need to manipulate p here to run my custom javascript on client!!
    return p;

After GetPartialView() is called via ajax request, necessary scripts are generated and sent back to the client.

The executing script looks like this:

{script:"[\"TextListBullets\",\"Add\"]);Ext.onReady(function(){Ext.create(\"Ext.window.Window\",{height:400,hidden..... bla bla}


How can i inject my own custom code somewhere in this generated javascript block?

My purpose is to dynamically load some external javascript files which are needed in the partial view.

I dont want to statically include script references in every main view i use this partial view. I want to gain some kind of automatization by loading js files when they are needed.

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I'm sharing the answer from Ext.NET forum:

Please see the following sample

@{    MvcResourceManager.RegisterGlobalStyle(Url.Content("~/Areas/Dynamic_Partial_Rendering/Content/Tab.css"));}
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