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Tool/Options/Environment/Fonts and Colors

I have problems to find which color display item I should change in order to change the default color for triple slash comments:

/// code here

Now, I am able to change color display item for the standard single line comments like

// code here.

Any tips?

Thank you

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why should I put code? My question is asking for how to change color for displaying the commented code. –  q0987 Apr 16 '13 at 15:06

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There are several comments types that you can change, I just ran through all of my settings and outputting what matched my styles so it may be overkill, but it is the exhaustive list. I like all of my comments to appear the same so I change them all at once.

  • Comment
  • CSS Comment
  • HTML Comment
  • VB Xml Comment
  • VB XML Doc Comment
  • VB Xml Doc Tag
  • VB Script Comment
  • XAML Comment
  • XML Comment
  • XML Doc Comment
  • XML Doc Tag
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Finally, I found the solution as follows:

Options/Environment/Fonts and Colors/XML Doc Comments

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In the Fonts and Colors menu you mentioned, you want to change the XML Doc Tag display item. You can change the other XML properties there to further customize the attributes within the triple slash comment.

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