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On Application A

I used the BlobStore API to upload an image into Google Cloud Storage (GCS). And from the same application, I am able to get serving URL using the image's cloud storage file name (eg. "/gs/bucket-name/object-file-name")

On Application B

I tried get serving URL by using the same file name. But I'm getting a ImagesServiceFailureException and it seems quite clear that this is due to access permissions.

However, I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with the permissions. Under my Google APIs project, I had added both GAE apps as a Team member with Can edit permissions. And my understanding is that The project owners and project writers group have FULL_CONTROL permission on the object (according to https://developers.google.com/console/help/#DifferentRoles)

Is getServingUrl(ServingUrlOptions.Builder.withGoogleStorageFileName("object_name")) strictly for images uploaded within the same GAE app?

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I solved the problem by using the usual getServingUrl(ServingUrlOptions.Builder.withBlobKey(blobKey)). Instead of getServingUrl(ServingUrlOptions.Builder.withGoogleStorageFileName(gsFileName)).

Important to note that this blob key is generated using BlobstoreService's createGsBlobKey, and it is not the usual blob key.

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