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I read somewhere that you can interface to Naturally Speaking through the SAPI 4 interface it exports? Is this true and is there any documentation? Thanks

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I've found several news releases from Dragon claiming that an older version of Naturally Speaking supported SAPI 4.0. The problem is that SAPI 4.0 has been obsolete for over a decade; MSDN doesn't even bother to document it. I suppose if you could get a 1999-era archive copy of MSDN on DVD, you could use that.

I'm also not sure that current versions of Naturally Speaking continue to support SAPI 4.

Final answer: True at one time; probably not true now.

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current versions do support sapi 4. –  Memb Nov 25 '09 at 4:10
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True. Documentation on old MSDN cds.

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