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In mockjax you can use a function to return a different response according to the request data type, like so:

$.mockjax(function(settings) {
    if ( settings.dataType == 'json' ) {
         return {
             dataType: 'json',
             proxy: 'test.json'
    return false;

Is there a way to do the same thing according to the data sent via the request? This is the only way I can find so far:

    url: '/',
    data: { variable: 0 },
    proxy: 'test.json'

What I want to do is change the proxy to a different file if variable > 0.

So for example is there a way to parse:

data: { variable: <0 }

or similar?

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Same problem here. sidonaldson, did you ever find a solution? – peter n Feb 26 '14 at 2:12

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I know this is old, but you should be able to investigate the property for that:

$.mockjax(function(settings) {
    var proxyFile = 'test.json'; // a default proxy?

    if ( > 0 ) {
        proxyFile = 'test-greater-than-zero.json'

    return {
        proxy: proxyFile
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It's not the answer I was looking for but I'll mark yours as the answer so you get some points – sidonaldson Feb 18 at 12:16
Did it solve your problem? If not, I'd be happy to try to help... maybe you could submit a Github issue if there is something you think is missing. – jakerella Feb 18 at 14:54
This seems to pick up on all ajax calls after this; is there a way to only pick up on specific URLs? – allicarn Oct 22 at 14:45
No, but you can inspect the settings.url to match specific URLs. Returning a falsy value (like undefined) results in no mock. – jakerella Oct 22 at 18:35

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