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I have a nested method that I'd like to output via to_json:

Venue has a method called published_events that returns events that are published:

def published_events

    events_array = [] do |event|
      if event.published
        events_array << event



Event has a to_param method on it that I'd like to include in the json rendering of Venue:

format.json { render :json => @venue.to_json(:methods => :published_events => {:include => :to_param}) }

This, of course, doesn't work to include the to_param method of events. Is there another way I should go about this or will I need to build my own json? Is there a way in the published_events method that I can include the to_param method?

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 @venue.to_json(:include => {:published_events => {:method => :to_param}})
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Wow... that worked (did have to change it to ":methods" pluralized)! Can't believe I missed it! :D –  Jayson Lane Apr 16 '13 at 17:52

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