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I have a HTML code as below:

<div class="content">
    <div class="title">
        <a id="hlAdv" class="title" href="./sample.aspx">
            <font size=2>Pretty Beauty Fiesta -1st Avenue Mall!</font>
    19<sup>th</sup> ~ 21<sup>st</sup> Apr 2013

I am now using Python and I try to get out the date using BeatifulSoup. What I expect is:

19th ~ 21st Apr 2013

I tried:

find("div", {"class":"content"}).text


Pretty Beauty Fiesta -1st Avenue Mall!19th ~ 21st Apr 2013


find("div", {"class":"content"}).div.nextSibling



I tried to use more nextSibling to get the content, but I still cannot get "st Apr 2013" correctly.

How can I get the data I want? Thank you.

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How about this? It uses element.nextSiblingGenerator to walk through the elements following the div you care about, and ignores the None at the end.

d = s.find('div', {'class':'content'}).div

def all_text_after(element):
    for item in element.nextSiblingGenerator():
        if not item:
        elif hasattr(item, 'contents'):
            for c in item.contents:
                yield c
            yield item

text_parts = list(all_text_after(d))
# -> [u'\n    19', u'th', u' ~ 21', u'st', u' Apr 2013\n']

print ''.join(text_parts)
# ->     19th ~ 21st Apr 2013
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I got a problem on it: ''.join(text_parts) TypeError: sequence item 0: expected string, generator found should I add str() to somewhere? –  Frankie Wong Apr 16 '13 at 17:16
Is the HTML that gives the error the same as this? It works for me - is it possible you missed the inner loop over item.contents? It's needed to flatten out the nested elements. That might behave the way you describe. –  babbageclunk Apr 17 '13 at 7:19
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Your problem is that you want all text that follows a given tag in your div.

You want to use .next_siblings in a loop here:

content_div = soup.find('div', class_='content')
text = []
for elem in content_div.div.next_siblings:
    except AttributeError:
text = ' '.join(text).strip()

.next_siblings is a generator that simply produces the chain of .next_sibling attributes, including NavigableString elements.

results in:

>>> ''.join(text).strip()
u'19th ~ 21st Apr 2013'

How you handle whitespace here can be a little tricky; stripping afterwards works best for this specific example, but for others, using elem.stripped_strings and elem.strip() may work as well.

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