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I'm not sure what's happening here, perhaps someone has a clue:

On my layout I have this:

<div id="main-content" class="<?= $this->getMainClass(); ?>">

On components>controller class I have this:

 private $_mainCssClass;

    public function setMainCssClass($className) {

     if (is_string($className)) {
        $this->_mainCssClass = $className;
     } else {

    public function getMainCssClass() {
     return $this->_mainClass;

What I'm not getting is, despite the fact that we are using accessors, and the mainCssClass property has an underscore and it's declared private, I can access it trough:


The same as: $this->getMainCssClass()

Why is that ?

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You don't access the private _mainCssClass but rather getMainCssClass() which is a public method. So you are allowed to call this method from outside and you can also access mainCssClass (which is just a shorthand for getMainCssClass()).

And from getMainCssClass() you are allowed to access any private variable inside the same class. There's no restriction that you could not return the value of a private variable.

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It's just a shorter syntax, more convenient to read and write.

See the Yii Framework Guide for details and the source code for some impressions about the "magic".

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thanks a lot for that source code reference. Quite interesting. I opt to declare Michael Hartl as an answer because, it actually make me understand that we are NOT accessing the private property but getMainCssClass (that I actually tested and see that was the case). Again, thanks. –  MEM Apr 16 '13 at 16:56

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