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I'm struggling with one thing in Storm. So the whole idea is:

  1. Send a request to the storm (probably to DRPC Server). The request will tell Storm what is the source of streams. For example: Image that I have two files 1 - '/var/log/syslog' and 2- ' /var/log/udev' . I want to be able to send the request to the "Storm" to tell it what file to process.

What I don't understand:

When I said send request to the "Storm", - Where should I send it? ( I assume that DRPC server controls what source needs to be send to topology. But how to implement DRPC server? Is there some class like DRPCServer server = new DRPCServer()? And how to tell Spout to look at the DRPCServer?Or is the request needs to be send directly to the Spout? if So how to make it start using specified source? I mean do I need to send request to the open() method?

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Not DRPCServer, its DRPCClient

DRPCClient client = new DRPCClient("drpc-host", 3772);

I think you will be really interested after seeing this

UPDATE: And for more information you can always check the storm-starter project in github by nathanmarz and especially BasicDRPCTopologyand ReachTopology

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I looked at this documentation, but still didn't get one thing: What is DRPC Server????? is it DRPCSpout? the example you gave, is it how you would connect to the Nimbus? –  Vor Apr 18 '13 at 13:14
DRPC Server in nothing but the nimbus in drpc mode. For starting DRPC server you can use ./bin/storm drpc on your nimbus node –  abhi Apr 18 '13 at 13:23
OMG Thank you very much you just opened my eyes! –  Vor Apr 18 '13 at 13:58

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