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I use Symfony1.4 and Propel my application. I have a problem. For example: I have a database in which I want to keep authors and books. I make the following scheme: schema.yml

    id: ~
    name: {type: varchar (100), required: true}

    id: ~
    name: {type: varchar (100), required: true}

    id_book: {type: integer, foreignTable: book, foreignReference: id, required: true, primaryKey: true, onDelete: cascade}
    id_author: {type: integer, foreignTable: author, foreignReference: id, required: true, primaryKey: true, onDelete: cascade}

And I want to with the addition of the author, add books that he wrote, without leaving the page for adding the author. This is an easy question, but for some reason I have not found the solution. (I think do this by writing a widget that using ajax to load the form of "adding a book", but is not it possible there is a ready solution?)

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Unfortunately there is no out-of-the-box solution for this. You'll have to use embedded forms as @PANPELOPE suggests. If you want to use AJAX to load additional forms dynamically you'll have to write the code yourself. It's not very dificult but requires some work. – Michal Trojanowski Apr 17 '13 at 7:36
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You can use sfForm::embedForm() to embed several form. Look at this doc :, it is explained.

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Thank you. I have one question: What should I do if I want to add the author in the window book, how to specify the book - not yet created the author's id? – user1799748 Apr 17 '13 at 16:35
Do you want to add a combo to select the author that's it? – user2248653 Apr 18 '13 at 8:18
I write: class BookForm extends BaseBookForm { public function configure() { unset($this['id_author']); if(!$this->isNew()) { $this->embedForm('Author', new AuthorForm($this->getObject()->getAuthor())); } else { $this->embedForm('Author', new AuthorForm()); } } but "save" does not work because need author's id for book – user1799748 Apr 18 '13 at 14:07
I think you have to change id_authoras a sfWidgetFormInputHidden to get it in your action – user2248653 Apr 18 '13 at 14:39
I must to override executeCreate or bind ? – user1799748 Apr 18 '13 at 20:49

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