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I have a following object

class BaseProject
  include Mongoid::Document

Now let's say I want to create a copy of it via dup/clone

p1 = Project.first
p2 = p1.clone #p1.dup has the same effect
project_path(p1) #works fine generating /projects/87358736587365 path
project_path(p2) #does not work resulting in an error

No route matches {:action=>"my_action", :controller=>"projects", :id=>#Project{}....

Note that :id parameter is the whole p2 object hash instead of just an id

This could be related to mongoid. Both dup and clone produce the same result. I know ActiveRecord version of those differs and mongoid redefines those as well

Update 1

Turns out only objects with persisted? equal to true can generate routes since to_param in Journey::Routing is required to generate a valid route.

The problem I face is that I can't persist an object since it failed a validation. I guess I'll have to fake routes back to /projects/new in order to fix this

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Assuming an up to date version of Rails, I'm surprised that you're seeing the same effect with clone/dup since they're different in ActiveRecord, namely that clone does not assign an id to the new object: api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActiveResource/… I'd look to see what mongoid does to those methods. –  Gavin Miller Apr 16 '13 at 17:02
In mongoid 3 dup and clone are synonyms –  Zepplock Apr 16 '13 at 17:04
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1 Answer

Routes can't be generated for objects that were not persisted even if the object was duped/cloned and has a valid id

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