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I have a data in a text file which is in format:

AB-9, Gregson, Brian, R T, Mr

I want to divide the up into and store the first one, AB-9, in a local variable, I have done all of that but the problem currently is that when I print the value of id, it prints with ,. How can I get rid of the extra comma?

Another issue is that the first line in the data is not being read.

public void readData()
 File theNewData = new File("new_data.txt");
        Scanner inputFrom = new Scanner(theNewData);
             String lineOftext = inputFrom.nextLine().trim();  
                Scanner scanner = new Scanner(lineOftext).useDelimiter(",[ ]*");

                 String id = inputFrom.next();


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There is no need to create an additional scanner for each line. Just set the delimeter of the outer scanner to your delimeters + System.lineSeparator() and use next() and hasNext() methods to go through the input. –  deleteme Apr 16 '13 at 17:04

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