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I am unable to place captcha in my pre-existing contact form and am not sure why, or what I'm doing wrong.

Am currently stuck where most captcha have their own submit form but I need one that is submitting to this one. For example, most captcha I came across was like this but the post is set for something else my script is below.

How do I place a working captcha into this form?

This is what I currently have as an html5 contact form:


class HomeView extends View {
    protected function displayContent() {
        $html .= '<div id="pageinfo">';
        $html .= '<h2>'.$this -> pageInfo['pageHeading'].'</h2>';
        $html .= '</div>';
            if($_POST['register'] == "Submit") {
            //validate the form
            $vresult = $this -> model -> validateRegisterUser();
            //Check ALL okay
                 if ($vresult['ok'] == true) {
                //Call database 
                            if ($this -> model -> register()) {
                                $htmt .='<div id="space">';
                                $html .='<div id="userreg">';
                                $html .='<p> User registered successfully<p>';
                                $html .='<img src ="optimized/images/joined.jpg" alt="welcome new member"/>';
                                $html .= '<p>Welcome to trading post:'.$_POST['userName'].'</p>';
                                $html .='</div>';
                                $html .='</div>';
                                    } else {

                                $html .='<div id="space">';
                                $html .='<img src ="optimized/images/failed.jpg" alt="failed to create new member"/>';
                                $html .= '<p> User creation failed. Please try again <p>';
                                $html .='</div>';
                        return $html;

            $html .='<form id="signup">';
        $html .='<h1>Sign up now!</h1>';

        $html .='<h2>Fields marked (*) are required</h2>';

        $html .='<fieldset>';
            $html .='<legend>Your details</legend>';

            $html .='<ol>';
                $html .='<li>';
                    $html .='<label for="username">UserName *</label> ';
                    $html .='<input type="text" id="userName" name="userName" value="'.htmlentities(stripcslashes($_POST['userFName'])).'" placeholder="UserName" required />';
                    $html .='<div class="error">'.$vresult['userNameMsg'].'</div>';
                $html .='</li>';

                    $html .='<li>';
                    $html .='<label for="userFName">Firstname *</label> ';
                    $html .='<input type="text" id="userFName1" name="userFName" value="'.htmlentities(stripcslashes($_POST['userFName'])).'" placeholder="UserFName" required />';
                    $html .='<div class="error">'.$vresult['userFNameMsg'].'</div>';
                $html .='</li>';

                        $html .='<li>';
                    $html .='<label for="userLName">Surname *</label> ';
                    $html .='<input type="text" id="userLName" name="userLName" value="'.htmlentities(stripcslashes($_POST['userFName'])).'" placeholder="userLName" required />';
            $html .='<div class="error">'.$vresult['userLNameMsg'].'</div>';

                $html .='</li>';

                $html .='<li>';
                    $html .='<label for="userEmail">Email *</label> ';
                    $html .='<input type="email" id="userEmail" name="userEmail" value="'.htmlentities(stripcslashes($_POST['userEmail'])).'" placeholder="e.g. anything@example.com" title="Please enter a valid email" required />';
                    $html .='<p class="validation01">';
                        $html .='<span class="invalid">Please enter a valid email address e.g. ryan@example.com</span>';
                         $html .='<div class="error">'.$vresult['userEmailMsg'].'</div>';

                    $html .='</p>';
                $html .='</li>';

                        $html .='<li>';
                    $html .='<label for="password">Password *</label> ';
                    $html .='<input type="password" id="userPassword1" name="userPassword" value="'.htmlentities(stripcslashes($_POST['userFName'])).'" placeholder="Password" required />';
          $html .='<div class="error">'.$vresult['userPasswordMsg'].'</div>';

                $html .='</li>';
            $html .='</ol>';

              $html .='<input type="submit" name="register" value="Submit" id="submit-button"/>';
        $html .='</fieldset>';
        $html .='</form>';

        return $html;

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I think you have to initialize $html before you can concatenate. So, at the top of your function, replace the first .= with = –  Dirk McQuickly Apr 16 '13 at 19:21
i mean adding a captcha to this form :(( most the captcha has already a predefine submit im wondering if anyone can show me one that will work on my pre defined form ? –  Jackson Yong Apr 17 '13 at 0:46

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