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I'm trying to create a database using DBCA on Oracle 11g installation on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 64 bit.

I followed the instructions here, but I get

ORA-12547: TNS Lost Contact when running DBCA.

Below are the details. Can someone assist with the solution?

  1. Instead of using /opt/oracle as the "oracle" user home, I used /home/oracle

  2. I did not install the libstdc++5 in 32 bit version

  3. I did everything else the same as the posting

  4. Installation resulted in "missing packages". I tried to do an apt-get install for these packages from ubuntu, but ubuntu says that they don't exist. Then I saw in the instructions:

    Once you will reach the "pre-reqs" screen, check "Ignore all" to continue the installation.

  5. When running ./dbca from $ORACLE_HOME/bin, it fails with ORA-12547.

  6. I checked $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin and listener.ora , sqlnet.ora , and tnsnames.ora all look OK.

  7. However, I think that tnsnames.ora is not being read properly, because ./tnsping fails and the error message states that "EZ Connect" was used. But in my sqlnet.ora , I have

    names.directory_lookup = (TNSNAMES,EZCONNECT)

    It should use EZ Connect only after tnsnames is tried.

  8. Also, I sometimes get ORA-12541: No listener. I tried running ./netca. Everything is OK until I perform a test on the listener, and it fails.

  9. I can't run ./lsnrctl. Absolutely nothing happens for this, as well as lsnrctl start, stop, status.

  10. I can't go through sqlplus. If I run ./sqlplus , it asks me for username/password directly.

  11. If I do ./sqlplus / as sysdba, then this results in "ORA-12547: TNS lost contact".

  12. All environment variables are set correctly in .bashrc.

  13. I tried re-running root.sh , but the problem is not fixed.

  14. /etc/oratab is OK

  15. /etc/hosts is OK, but I can't always ping the "localhost" or "", or "ubuntu" or ""

    The same TNS or Listener errors display.

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"I can't always ping the "localhost" " - fix that first. Not being able to ping the machine you're on is pretty bad. –  Mat Apr 16 '13 at 17:22
What's the solution for this? Did you found one? I have same issue –  drt May 17 '13 at 12:55

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Ensure the DB is up and running and you can connect locally AS SYSDBA to
 the database using Oracle binaries owner (usually oracle:oinstall 
Unix / Linux user). If it does not work, probably you encounter a 
different problem.

Check privileges of an Oracle file on Unix / Linux host where database is running:

  cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin
  ls -ltr oracle

Change permissions as below:

  chmod 6751 oracle
  ls -ltr oracle

this code may help you lot

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