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I've 3 fields in my form: State, City and district;

When I select the state, the city dropbox is populated with the relative data. Then I need to autocomplete District passing as parameter the cityID

This is what is look like:

$(document).ready(function()     {

    source: "autocomplete/fetch?model=district&field=name&city=" + $("#AdCityId").val(),
    minLength: 2

But that $("#AdCityId").val() is blank, and if I look at the source code I've nothing in to <options> but appears on the page.

I've tried use

$("#AdCityId option:selected").val()

But I always get "undefined". I think the problem is because in the source, my select looks like it:

<div class="input select required"><label for="AdCityId">City</label><select name="data[Ad][city_id]" id="AdCityId">
<option value="">Selecione a Cidade</option>

Any hint?

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This is a case where using a function as source would make sense.

source: function(request,response) {
        url: "autocomplete/fetch?model=district&field=name&city=" + $("#AdCityId").val(),
        data: { term: request.term },
        type: "get",
        dataType: "json",
        success: function(data){
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Worked! Thank you! – Henricristo Apr 17 '13 at 12:52

You can set the .autocomplete() source in the onchange event of the city dropdown like this question

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 <option value="">Selecione a Cidade</option>

The option has its value set to "" so it returns exactly that. If you want the text inbetween change it to

   <option>Selecione a Cidade</option>
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