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Is there a open source / standalone / self hosted service like Parse or Firebase, preferably using Node.js. I really like the concept of a systems that manages data synchronization between all my apps (mobile, web, desktop). I think these are great services, but I'd really like to have full control over my backend stack and data.

simperium.com seems like a really nice service, but the cost is kind of steep.

I'm not looking to start a flamewar about which service is better or why I should just use one of the services I've listed. I'd just love to be pointed in the right direction of an open source project with some of these features.

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Socket.IO - A NODE.JS Solution - One option for self-hosted Real-time Connectivity to remote clients is to use Socket.IO - socket.io –  PubNub Apr 16 '13 at 17:59
I was thinking something that already has the merging of data stuff already written, since that's the hard part. –  bababa Apr 16 '13 at 18:14
That's also the part that is revolutionary and why they come with price tags : ) –  Kato Apr 16 '13 at 18:43
True that @Kato –  bababa Apr 16 '13 at 20:34
Found an awesome list of alternatives at quora.com/What-are-alternatives-to-pusher-com Other free/paid/open solutions exist like: pusher.com goinstant.com fanout.io firehose.io –  Chain Oct 1 '13 at 19:29
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I've been researching a lot in the past year about so called noBackend solutions, both open source and as a commercial service. Disclaimer: I'm one of the developers behind Hoodie and initiator of nobackend.org

I maintain a list of noBackend solutions over at http://nobackend.org/solutions.html. The current Open Source products that I'm aware of at the moment are (in alphabetical order):

  1. deployd
    it's based on Node.js and MongoDB and provides you a user interface to create RESTful APIs, as well as a nice JavaScript SDK
  2. Hoodie
    Hoodie provides a JavaScript library that abstracts common backend tasks like User Authentication, data storage & sync, emails, etc. It gets a lot of praise because of its simple JavaScript API
  3. remoteStorage
    if Authentication & data synchronization is all you need, give it a go. You can host it yourself or use one of the available hosted services today. You can use remoteStorage to authenticate to static HTML Apps that support it, so you keep full control of your data while the provider of the App has control of the Application. Here's an example app: https://myfavoritedrinks.5apps.com/
  4. sockethub
    if you need messaging functionality, check out remoteStorage's sister project socketHub. It's still in early development, but moving fast, definitely worth to look at.

I hope that helps.

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Amazing answer, thank you! –  bababa May 23 '13 at 15:52
@Tim your comment looks like an ad since it completely ignores the self-hosted requirement. –  user239558 Oct 29 '13 at 0:20
@user239558 all four of those have self-hosting options. –  Robert Grant Nov 14 '13 at 9:17
@ivan-castellanos who give's you the right to edit my answer, without even asking upfront. I do not agree that Meteor compares to Parse & Firebase, it's not a backend solution targeting frontend developers. It's the opposite, exposing backend capabilities instead of hiding it's complexity. But even if I'd agree, I ask you to not change the content of answers. Please revert immeadiately –  Gregor Jan 16 at 12:15
@Gregor That's the way StackOverflow works. It's usually for the best, but not always. ;) –  tybro0103 Jan 17 at 15:30
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One of the projects I like in this space is an open source project from the PollEverywhere team called Firehose. It's a component that is focused on data synchronization rather than just simple message passing. Take a look here: http://firehose.io (GitHub: https://github.com/polleverywhere/firehose).

Another option might be to dig into the Simperium code and try to get it to interoperate with another lib. After they were acquired, they had a big open source push: https://github.com/simperium/

Depending on the scope of what needs to be synchronized, other options could include CouchDB (http://couchdb.apache.org) or PouchDB (http://pouchdb.com) but the abstractions they provide are a bit lower than, say, Simperium.

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firehose looks cool, but I know nothing about ruby. I'm surprised there isn't a node or python project for this. –  bababa Apr 16 '13 at 21:17
@bababa the nice thing about Firehose is that you can run the server and talk to it from node or python via WebSockets or HTTP. Its language agnostic. –  Brad Gessler Aug 27 '13 at 5:33
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Meteor is a Node based project that will give you full control of your stack.



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I've also been looking for something similar and posted a question here:


Based on what Hoodie and Deployd provide, maybe API-style tools might make sense here.

A tool I found that looks really useful is:


Edit: 11/2/2014:

It seems that frapi has been abandoned. I recommend baasbox below.

It has a cool interface for building the logic and doing the documentation as well, and then you can simply make calls to the API from your apps.

PS. I haven't tested it out though, but I'll be checking out all 3 (and trying to find more).


I was just browsing and came across this: http://www.baasbox.com

I think this is exactly what you are looking for (and I am too). Just don't watch the introductory video, that guys voice should not be used for a promo video.

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frapi seems abandoned: no new commits since mid-2013: github.com/frapi/frapi. (nor forks: github.com/frapi/frapi/network) –  oori Feb 10 at 23:35
I see that. Let me edit my answer to make users aware. –  Joe Feb 11 at 16:31
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Well, you may also look at the Swarm, a JavaScript data sync library. It runs the same MVCC code in browser and node.js, synchronizing js objects in real time. Caution: the lib is in pre-alpha state. http://github.com/gritzko/swarm http://ppyr.us/swarm/test/grid.html

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