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Suppose I have a scroll view in a view & a scroll view's size is 320 width, 2000 height.

When user scrolls & decelerating stops,

I want to know where a scroll view has stopped?

i.e. at 300px or 400px or at 600px.

Thanks in advance.

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Use scrollview.contentOffset.

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I found it. So, I tried to close / delete this question but I couldn't. – Sagar R. Kothari Oct 22 '09 at 0:27

you can track that afeter scrolling, what is the coordinate of the origin, using the following two methods. This are two delegate methods conforms to your UIScrollView class.


 (void)scrollViewDidEndScrollingAnimation:(UIScrollView *)newScrollView
    CGPoint p = scrollView.contentOffset;

    int curr= floor(p.x/320);


- (void)scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:(UIScrollView *)newScrollView

    [self scrollViewDidEndScrollingAnimation:newScrollView];

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When the scroll view is done scrolling, it fires off some events to its UIScrollViewDelegate:

- (void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)scrollView
- (void)scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:(UIScrollView *)scrollView

You can implement those methods in the delegate to find out the new contentOffset of your UIScrollView:

@property(nonatomic) CGPoint contentOffset
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You can find out where any view is situated relative to its superview by looking at its frame rect. What are you trying to do?

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