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I am trying to build a sample app that will grab data using JSONP to populate. I have it put up at http://angular.onagrag.com/ and clicking on register.

The file I am trying to load is at http://api.onagrag.com/data.json

When I access http://angular.onagrag.com/register it fires the error method of the object (and it fires it twice)

here is the angular js file that I am using (it is also located at http://angular.onagrag.com/js/test.js

It runs fine if I use local data (e.g. use the $http.get method instead of the $http.jsonp method), but will not work with jsonp. Any help is appreciated!

var App = angular.module('popdust', ['ngResource']).config(['$locationProvider', function($location) {

App.config(['$routeProvider', function($routes) {

    templateUrl : '/templates/register.html',
    controller : RegisterCtrl

    templateUrl : '/templates/home.html',
    controller : HomeCtrl

var HomeCtrl = function($scope, $http, $location) {
  $scope.title = 'We are home';
  $scope.obj = ['one', 'two','three'];

var RegisterCtrl = function($scope, $http, $location) {
    $scope.title = 'Register!';
    $scope.handleData = function(data){
        $scope.fields = data;
  $scope.fetchjsonp = function(){
        }).error(function(data, status, headers, config) {
            alert("YOU FAIL");

  $scope.fetch = function(){


HomeCtrl.$inject = ['$scope','$http','$location'];
RegisterCtrl.$inject = ['$scope','$http','$location'];
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Looks to me like the problem is with your resource. When I check http://api.onagrag.com/data.json?callback=JSON_CALLBACK I get the following response:

    "id" : "first_name",
    "title" : "First Name",
    "description" : "The name your parents gave you"
    "id" : "last_name",
    "title" : "Last Name",
    "description" : "In Spanish, it's called your apellido (or something like that)"

This is not a valid JSONP response. With the request parameter callback=nameOfCallbackFn the response should be a single function call to a function named nameOfCallbackFn (with the result as it's only parameter).

Update: The server that serves the JSONP must read the callback request parameter and respond with a file that does a method call to the request method name. When you use the angular $http.jsonp method, angular will change the callback request parameter to the correct angular jsonp callback method name (atm they seem to be named angular.callback._0, ..._1 etc). You can't serve a static file as this name might change from one request to the other. This was not clear in my original answer.

Something like this:

nameOfCallbackFn ( [{
    "id" : "first_name",
    "title" : "First Name",
    "description" : "The name your parents gave you"
    "id" : "last_name",
    "title" : "Last Name",
    "description" : "In Spanish, it's called your apellido (or something like that)"
}] ); 

Where nameOfCallbackFn is specified by angular.

JSONP has some potential security vulnerabilities - you can read more about them and how to prevent them in your angular app here.

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I understand that and got it to work if I add a generic function to javascript JSON_CALLBACK(), but how do I bake the callback into the controller.. so that I have access the the $scope object? – user801745 Apr 16 '13 at 19:59
You do that in the success function .success(function(data){ $scope.data = data; ... – joakimbl Apr 16 '13 at 20:05
I guess I just don't follow... do I include callback=JSON_CALLBACK to the URL in the jsonp method? if I don't I get an error ... also it ends up invoking the error method and never get success... can you take a second peek at my changes and let me know if I'm doing something glaringly wrong? – user801745 Apr 16 '13 at 20:17
You have to change api.onagrag.com/data.json?callback=JSON_CALLBACK - right now it responds with an array, but it should be a function call - similar to this: angularjs.org/… – joakimbl Apr 16 '13 at 20:26
changed it, still fails – user801745 Apr 16 '13 at 20:33

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