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I have created a software that connects to google apps email and allows me to create a signature for specified users with their info. In google apps domain management is no possibility to edit more "advanced" fields like company address, fax, emails, title, nickname etc.. so i used Flash Panel which offer me this possibility. But for this i need the fields api schema to add it in my config. I have managed to make it work for some fields like: Name, Company name, email address, mobile phone, title, department, manager, fax number by adding the following in my config file:


I have searched through google documentation but i didn't managed to find the correct api schema format for some fields like: country, city, pobox, street, nickname, photo, website, URL, Notes, Organization Unit, Aka, and any others. Can someone help me with the correct ones or where/how can i find them?

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I hope here you can find something that helps you: https://developers.google.com/google-apps/provisioning/

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