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my optimizer for my durandal project stopped working. i run it in the cmd.exe. any ideas on where i can go to view any errors? it does print out what it's doing, but no errors. it's then failing to produce my main-built.js file. (well, it produces a blank one).

here's what it's outputting:

my project is called 'myapp' for the purposes of this example and it's in c:\projects

C:\Projects\myapp\App\durandal\amd>c:\projects\myapp\App\durandal\amd\optimizer.exe --source c:\projects\myapp\app\

Using default base configuration.
Configuring for deploy with almond (custom).
  "name": "durandal/amd/almond-custom",
  "inlineText": true,
  "stubModules": [
  "paths": {
    "text": "durandal/amd/text"
  "baseUrl": "c:\\projects\\myapp\\app\\",
  "mainConfigFile": "c:\\projects\\myapp\\app\\main.js",
  "include": [
  "exclude": [],
  "keepBuildDir": true,
  "optimize": "uglify2",
  "out": "c:\\projects\\myapp\\app\\main-built.js",
  "pragmas": {
    "build": true
  "wrap": true,
  "insertRequire": [
Deleting old output file.

Tracing dependencies for: durandal/amd/almond-custom
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You can run the app.build.js file directly from a cmd window in your amd folder. At the prompt, type > "node r.js -o app.build.js" Any errors should be displayed by Node –  mikekidder Apr 17 '13 at 3:12
thanks mikekidder - that looks to be a bit more informative in that it does show actual errors being generated from the r.js (which i believe is doing a lot of the work during the optimizer.exe) –  bigerock May 20 '13 at 16:08
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Here are all the options available

  1. --mode Indicates whether the optimizer should only 'generate' the r.js config or actually 'build' the optimized JS application. Default value build
  2. --source The path to the folder which contains the application source.
  3. --config The path to the customized r.js configuration file to be used as a base for the generated configuration.
  4. --verbose Indicates that verbose console logging should be used. Default value false
  5. --loader Indicates which script loader to optimize for 'almond' or 'require'. Default value almond
  6. --plugin The view plugin used to optimize views into the final build file. Default value text
  7. --pluginExtension The view file extension. Default value .html

Using the optimizer is like so:

optimizer.exe --source c:\project1\app\ --mode generate

So, maybe you should try this:

optimizer.exe --verbose true

and if that doesn't work.. then you can always pull down the source and try and debug it locally.

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