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I am working with the WinRT file system and for testing purposes, I have completely denied myself access rights to folder d:\copytest1\test3 which contains 2 files.

I am using this code:

var storageFolder = await StorageFolder.GetFolderFromPathAsync("D:\\copytest1\\test3");
var query = storageFolder.CreateFolderQuery();
var fif = new FileInformationFactory(query,    Windows.Storage.FileProperties.ThumbnailMode.ListView, 40);
var items = await fif.GetItemsAsync();

StorageFolder is filled with folder metadata and GetItemsAsync executes properly (itemcount=0). I would expect an Access Denied exception.

Is it possible to check if you have rights on a StorageFolder?

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What capabilities does your app have? If you have the removableStorage capability, and the folder is on a removable drive this is expected. –  Adam Mar 22 at 19:11

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