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Is it possible to code this sequence of events once an iPhone app has been launched?

  • User launches application.
  • AppDelegate.m checks if data is present in internal database.
  • If yes, MainWindow.xib loads.
  • If no, AnotherViewController.xib loads.

I've only seen app examples that load the MainWindow.xib without conditions.

If it is possible, which method in AppDelegate.m handles the logic? (applicationDidFinishLaunching? viewDidLoad?)

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I don't think you want to load the MainWindow conditionally. Instead, load and show a viewController conditionally. This can be done in applicationDidFinishLaunching.

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Got it! Here's the bit o' code I found that works well in applicationDidFinishLaunching: NSUserDefaults *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; NSString *firsttime = [defaults stringForKey:@"firsttime"]; if (firsttime == nil) { //first time firing code goes here NSLog(@"so, this is your first time, huh?"); [defaults setObject:@"lasttime" forKey:@"firsttime"]; – JP. Oct 22 '09 at 2:54

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