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I need to remove


from text

Some random dummy [PRODUCT ID=123] text just for example [PRODUCT ID=321]

Where ID (after the = sign) can be any number (integer).

I've tried with PHP

preg_match_all("|[[^]]+](.*)[]/[^]]+]|U", $text, $out);

but it doesn't work as I thought it will so I'm trying with regex but currently I'm lost and I need your help.

Thank you.

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do you need to remove just bracketed PRODUCT ID text, or ANYTHING in [] pairs? –  Marc B Apr 16 '13 at 18:49

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preg_replace("/\[PRODUCT ID=(\d*)\]/", '', 'Some random dummy [PRODUCT ID=123] text just for example [PRODUCT ID=321]');
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Or, if you want a generic version: \[(?:\w+\s\w+=\d+)\] –  Brad Christie Apr 16 '13 at 18:49
Thanks to both of you. –  SuperManSL Apr 16 '13 at 19:11

Try this :

$str = 'Some random dummy [PRODUCT ID=123]text just for example [PRODUCT ID=321]';
preg_replace('/\[PRODUCT ID=.*?\]/', '', $str);

Hope this helps :)

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$a = ' ads [PRODUCT ID=123] [PRODUCT ID=4124124321] asd \ a sda s';
$a = preg_replace("~(\[PRODUCT ID=)([0-9]*)(\])~", "", $a);
echo $a;
// ads asd \ a sda s
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