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I want to analyze the transferred data between a client and a server with socat. I’ve managed to set up socat as a man-in-the-middle with the following command:

socat -x -v OPENSSL-LISTEN:4443,reuseaddr,verify=0,cert=server.crt,key=server.key OPENSSL:server.example:443,verify=0

Although I can see the transferred data, I want to send it to a script to process it for a later analysis.

Does anyone know a solution so that I can send each transferred data packet to a script?

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I’ve found a solution that allows to log the transferred data into files using tee:

socat OPENSSL-LISTEN:4443,reuseaddr,verify=0,cert=server.crt,key=server.key,fork SYSTEM:'tee requests | socat - "OPENSSL:server.example:443,verify=0" | tee responses'

This is one step closer to what I’m looking for.

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