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In my wsdl code, i get an integer and i want to return result in array. Why in my input i have only one integer and i need result in array because in my php function i want to return information from Database from choosen integer by client.

Example, my client send 1, in my php i get information from "1" in DB as his "ID (int)","Name(string)","Number1(int)","Number2(int)","Date&Time of actual client demand « YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:hh » (??)"

How i can do this ?


this is my actual wsdl with input of one integer and output of one integer :

<message name='getResultRequest'> 
  <part name='numeropark' type='xsd:int'/>
<message name='getResultResponse'> 
  <part name='result' type='xsd:string'/> 

<portType name='getResultPortType'> 
  <operation name='getResult'> 
    <input message='tns:getResultRequest'/> 
    <output message='tns:getResultResponse'/> 

<binding name='getResultBinding' type='tns:getResultPortType'> 
  <soap:binding style='rpc' transport=''/> 
  <operation name='getResult'> 
    <soap:operation soapAction='urn:xmethods-delayed-quotes#getResult'/> 
      <soap:body use='encoded' namespace='urn:xmethods-delayed-calcul' 
      <soap:body use='encoded' namespace='urn:xmethods-delayed-calcul' 

<service name='getResultService'> 
  <port name='getResultPort' binding='getResultBinding'> 
    <soap:address location=''/> 

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To return array, you should define a complexType. For example, if you want to return the array of strings, your WSDL should contain this part:

    <xsd:schema targetNamespace="">
      <xsd:complexType name="resultArray">
          <xsd:restriction base="SOAP-ENC:Array">
            <xsd:attribute ref="SOAP-ENC:arrayType" wsdl:arrayType="xsd:string[]" />
<message name='getResultRequest'> 
  <part name='numeropark' type='xsd:int'/>
<message name='getResultResponse'> 
  <part name='result' type='tns:resultArray'/> 

And I suggest you use any WSDL generator to create description file.

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Thanks for answer ! – user2287979 Apr 16 '13 at 20:41

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