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To brief a little, I have created 2 VM's; both VM's have same h/w and s/w configuration. They are running Windows server 2012.

Have installed SQL Server 2012 on them; both installation have 2 named instances; like

VM1 have SQLmaster VM2 have SQLSlave

Now, when I try to connect to instance in VM2 from VM1 I am getting error:26

"SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified"

Tried the solution/suggestions mentioned in below blogs but no luck.



Any idea, how can I get rid of this.

NOTE: I am actually trying to configure "sqlserver 2012 alwayson" on this servers but getting stuck here.


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Well, after troubling shooting for a bit I found out the solution. Below it is ... hope someone will be helped.


Open your network configuration(you can use the command ncpa.cpl)

Click properties

click on the IPV4 connection

On the general tab -> change the preferred DNS connection from default ( to the exact ip address of the domain controller.

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