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I am running Pydev 2.7.3 with Eclipse 1.5. I'm trying to use the interactive console with the debugger (i.e. what I would like to do is insert a breakpoint in a file, run the file up to that breakpoint, then muck around with stuff in the interactive debugger). It seems like what I am trying to do fits this exactly:

But the interactive console does not DO anything. It prints "pydev debugger: starting", and any prints from before the breakpoint in my file, but when I try to type commands and execute them it is not responsive. It just advances one line and does nothing when I hit enter.

What's the deal? Or how can I start looking under the hood to figure out what is going on here?

EDIT To be clear, I'm looking for the kind of functionality described here: Jump into a Python Interactive Session mid-program? Interactive console using Pydev in Eclipse?

but the "interactive" console that appears (as indicated in the answers to those questions) is not interactive.

EDIT: Problem seems to have resolved. No explanation other than restarting.

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What libraries are you using? Some patterns break the interactive console, because the console does real time code analysis and introspection to support the auto-complete functionality, and code that does funky stuff with properties and the like can break things due to side-effects. –  Silas Ray Apr 16 '13 at 21:30 it works. not sure what changed, but after closing eclipse, restarting (and doing a bunch of other random and seemingly unrelated stuff)...i now have an interactive interactive console. i have no explanation, but i'll return here if it continues to misbehave. maybe it was something i had loaded before that was breaking the interactive console? no idea. –  andy Apr 17 '13 at 18:48

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