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Could anyone please explain the meaning of * symbol in on the node and its usage. I am seeing this after doing merge operations.

Stackoverflow not allowing to post a picture for me if anyone needed please let me know

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I think it shows which revision is included in a tag or branch you've created. For example I have a file with revisions 3*, 10, 13, 32*, 34* and I have created 3 tags from my trunk. These tags were created with revision 8, 33 and 35.

So revision 3 is included in my tag I've created with revision 8, revision 32 is included in my tag with revision 33 etc.

Revisions 10 and 13 are not marked with * because the higher revision 32 was tagged.

Due to this fact, I think that it is related to the creation of tags and/or branches.

I hope you understand my explanations ...

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Correct. The graph does not show tags as it would be too noisy. So it puts an * next to items that are tagged, and the tooltip lists the tags. –  Mark Phippard Apr 17 '13 at 14:42
Somewhat explained here: subclipse.tigris.org/graph.html –  Mark Phippard Apr 17 '13 at 14:43

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