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I recently reinstalled my OS, and used to have a PhoneGap / Android project. Now I want to use it again, so I reinstalled Eclipse and the ADT plug in. So far so good. Now the instructions say:

"Choose New > Android Project"

However, Android Project doesn't show up under new projects, like it used to.

I downloaded phonegap-2.6.0, but perhaps it isn't connected to Eclipse... what do I do at this stage to get Android Project to show up?

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If there is no 'Android Project' under the menu it is not about PhoneGap it is maybe about ADT, are you sure you installed it correctly ?
And, also you can create Android Project with PhoneGap by using 'command line', then you just go to the same menu:" New > Project " then choose Android Project with existing source choose the path you created before by command line and that's it.

edit1: Make sure you locate true directory for 'android-sdk-mac_x86'

edit2:this is how you create Android project by using Terminal

/path/to/cordova-android/bin/create /path/to/my_new_cordova_project com.example.cordova_project_name CordovaProjectName
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I had a similar problem. For me, Eclipse wouldn't respond when I clicked Finish when importing source from a phonegap project.

I later found that I had mentioned an incorrect path to the android-sdk.

Check if that is your problem.

If it is, here is how you change it:

  1. In Eclipse IDE, click on the Window menu and then Preferences.
  2. A pop-up will be opened.
  3. On the left pane, click on Android (click on it, not on the + sign beside it).
  4. In the field SDK Location, click Browse and point to the location of your android-sdk.
  5. You are done!

Hope that helped.


I am using Eclipse Juno, but the options must hopefully be pretty much the same for other versions too. Please comment if this is incorrect.

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