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Hi I was wondering how I can print out one random value of an array instead of two of them. Here is my code:

public static void main(String args[])

    String[] currentRoom;
    String[][] rooms = new String [2] [2];
    rooms [0] [0] = "Start";
    rooms [0] [1] = "Treasure Room 1";
    rooms [1] [0] = "Goblin Hive 1";
    rooms [1] [1] = "Spider Nest";

    Random rand = new Random();

        currentRoom = rooms[rand.nextInt(rooms.length)];



When I print it out it will say two values from my array, something like: ["Start", "Treasure Room1"] and I need it to print out just one value like: ["Start"] or just ["Spider Nest1"]. I was wondering how I can solve this.

Any help is appreciated:)

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You need to generate a random index in the second dimension, like this:

String[] currentRoomRow = rooms[rand.nextInt(rooms.length)];
String currentRoom = currentRoomRow[rand.nextInt(currentRoom.length)];

This is OK when all rows have the same size; if they do not, the above code would "favor" items from "shorter" rows. Fixing this deficiency would require more preparation: you would need to "flatten" your array, generate a single random up to the number of items, and then pick an item from the flattened array.

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This is a two-dimensional array. By using only one index, you'll get an array (maybe with multiple values). By using rooms [0] you'll return ["Start", "Treasure Room1"].

Thus you have to pass 2 indexes.

Dasblinkenlight's solution seems to be the best.

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