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In the following code when I pass static value in testArr for instance, [2, 3]; I get testArr[0] => 2 and testArr[1] => 3 which is correct. However if I pass dynamic value to testArr for instance test; I get testArr[0] => 2,3. I could not figure out the problem. Please help.

            var test = '1' + ',' + '2';
                url : url,
                type : "post",
                data : {
                    'testArr[]' : [test]

                success : function(response) {
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you're sure you're not getting testArr[0] => '1,2' ? as that is what you are sending, a string with a one, a comma and a two! –  adeneo Apr 16 '13 at 21:46

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Right now you are passing test as a string. You want to instead pass it like below:

var test = new Array(1,2);

Then just pass test without the brackets.

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