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I have a resource called Listings and a resource called email

listing has_many :emails email belongs_to :listing

I am trying to pass the listing id to email.listing_id but I keep getting this error:

Couldn't find Listing without an ID ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in EmailsController#create

Here is my code:

class EmailsController < InheritedResources::Base
    def new
        @listing = Listing.find(params[:listing_id])
        @email =


    def create
        @listing = Listing.find(params[:listing_id])
        @email =[:email])


from my listing show page I pass the

<%=link_to "Email Listing", new_email_path(:listing_id =>

Email _form

  <%= f.input :email %>
  <%= f.input :message %>
  <%= f.hidden_field :listing_id, :value => %>
  %= f.button :submit, :value=> "Send Email" %>
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I didn't understand your @listing = Listing.find(params[@email.listing_id]), since you already have the ID you want on @email variable you can avoid use params again, try something like: @listing = Listing.find(@email.listing_id)

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Ya I did that before. The error goes away but for some reason it always passes listing_id of 1 to the create action, even though it passes listing_id 3 for example to the new action – Benamir Apr 17 '13 at 3:25

Please view this post for the answer:

Couldn't find Listing without an ID

the issue was that my params were like this:

 "commit"=>"Send Email"}

Just change

@listing = Listing.find(params[:listing_id])


@listing = Listing.find(params[:email][:listing_id])
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I'm pretty sure it's because you created view for 'new' action, and while trying to enter the page you don't have any param, so basically you're execute 'Listing.find(nil)'.

if not, try to print the value of params, and check where did the listing_id got missing.

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