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I wanna declare an ! operator who will used to calculete facorial of an Integer.

I have this code in file.

:- arithmetic_function(!/1).

sil(N,A,X):-A1 is A*N,N1 is N-1,sil(N1,A1,X).

And i use op(500,yf,!) to declare an operetor. Why this solution is not working i mean it looks like arithmetic_function didn't register my ! function.

when i try 5! i get

ERROR: Undefined procedure: (!)/1 ERROR: However, there are definitions for: ERROR: (!)/0 ERROR: (!)/2 false.

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You're simply forgetting that arithmetic in Prolog is introduced by means of is/2.

?- X is 6! + 1.
X = 721.
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