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I'm trying to write a function that will take a string and return a dictionary containing all of the numbers contained within the string and the index at which they begin.

For example the string "1this is a 134 test15" would produce the dictionary { 0:1, 11:134, 19:15 }

I've seen solutions to many similar problems that make use of regular expressions, which work very well for extracting the numbers themselves but I have not been able to find a way to associate those numbers with the index they occur at.

Is it possible to use regular expressions to extract this kind of information from strings or is there a different way to do it that would be more suited to this kind of application.

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In [44]: strs="1this is a 134 test15"

In [45]: {m.start(0):int( for m in re.finditer("\d+", strs)}
Out[45]: {0: 1, 11: 134, 19: 15}
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>>> import re
>>> text = "1this is a 134 test15"
>>> d = dict((m.start(), int( for m in re.finditer(r'\d+', text))
>>> d
{0: 1, 19: 15, 11: 134}
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The start() method of regular expression MatchObjects will provide the string offset of the current match.

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If you're looking for a function, i hope this may be useful. There's surely an easier way to do it. Howerver, this is what I've worked out. I tried my best :)

def function(string,dic={},p=0):

   if len(string)==0:
      return dic

      if string[0] in '1234567890':
        while string[i] in '0123456789':
        return function(string,dic,p)
        return function(string[1:],dic,p)
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