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I have been creating arrays for different controls as follows, e.g:

private TextBox[] Array_TextBoxes;
private CheckBox[] Array_CheckBoxes;
private RadioButtonList[] Array_radioButton;

Array_TextBoxes= new TextBox[4];
Array_CheckBoxes= new CheckBox[5];
Array_radioButton= new RadioButtonList[10];

Is there any ways of creating them so that I do not need to specify the size/length? I.e. is it possible to make these control arrays variable sized?


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System.Collections.Generic.List<T> - msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… –  Tim Medora Apr 16 '13 at 23:17

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Arrays must be assigned a length, if you want to allow for any number of elements use the List class, like this

List<TextBox> textBoxList=new List<TextBox>();

and add controls into this collection

 textBoxList.Add(new TextBox());
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You could start them as lists then convert to array:

Add stuff to these using .Add:

List<TextBox> _TextBoxes = new List<TextBox>();
List<CheckBox> _CheckBoxes =  new List<CheckBox>();
List<RadioButtonList> _RadioButton = new List<RadioButtonList>();

Then convert to arrays:

TextBox[] Array_TextBoxes = List<TextBox> _TextBoxes.ToArray();
CheckBox[] Array_CheckBoxes = List<CheckBox> _CheckBoxes.ToArray();
RadioButtonList[] Array_radioButton = List<RadioButtonList> _radioButton.ToArray();

Or just use lists...

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List<>, as others have suggested, is a good idea, but it does have some overhead. You can also do this, if you "use" System.Linq, and assume that the controls variable points to a collection of the controls:

Array_TextBoxes = controls.OfType<TextBox>().ToArray();

Furthermore, if you prefer to have lists instead of arrays, you can do that too:

List<TextBox> textBoxes = controls.OfType<TextBox>().ToList();

Finally, it's often considered poor style to use prefixes like "Array_" in your field and variable names.

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