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Is it possible to use underscore.js with Mustache style function calls? The underscore.js manual has an example how to support Mustache syntax:

_.templateSettings = {
  interpolate : /\{\{(.+?)\}\}/g

var template = _.template("Hello {{ name }}!");
template({name : "Mustache"});
=> "Hello Mustache!"

However, apart from variables mustache.js also automatically detects when the object is a function and then evaluates it. From the mustache.js manual:

var view = {
  title: "Joe",
  calc: function () {
    return 2 + 4;

var output = Mustache.render("{{title}} spends {{calc}}", view);

However, using underscore.js to render the latter results in:

var template = _.template("{{title}} spends {{calc}}");
"Joe spends function () {
    return 2 + 4;
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Underscore's template function doesn't perform type checking and always returns the value of the property/variable.

But you can use the underscore template evaluate block to run javascript functions.

So you can do the following:

var template = _.template("<% var spend = calc() %>{{title}} spends {{ spend }}");

That's obviously using the default ERB-style evaluation block, so feel free to write your own regex for evaluate in _.templateSettings if you'd rather use a different syntax.

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The simplest way is to evaluate the function, since Underscore allows arbitrary JavaScript inside the template block.

var template = _.template("{{title}} spends {{calc()}}");
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I would like to keep the syntax compliant with the Mustache library. –  Jeroen May 2 '13 at 0:49

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