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I'd like to add verbose information about my core classes without embedding it all above those classes in the source file.

For instance, I'd like to create a separate file with voluminous info about class Foo, probably in markdown or html. Then when I view class Foo in the doxygen-created output, I'd like the class page for Foo to contain all my voluminous and beautifully marked up documentation in its details section along with any other comments I did put above class Foo.

Is this possible?

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If you currently have a file Foo.h

A short description of class Foo.
class Foo

You can add additional documentation in a file with a .dox extension (let's call it Foo.dox)

More details about Foo.

Maybe you only want to distribute this to your nicer customers.

@class Foo Foo.h

Don't forget to add the .dox file to the INPUT line of your configuration file

Foo.h Foo.dox
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Well that was easy after all. :) Thanks! –  charliep Apr 19 '13 at 15:47

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