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I've got the following code...

parser ='tmp/incremental/itunes20130410/application')
parser.process_rows { |app|
  Resque.enqueue(AddApp, app)

Right now, that file (tmp/incremental/itunes...) has over 90,000 rows in it. For testing purposes, it'd be nice to limit the process_rows block call to just a few rows (say...100).

Is there a way to limit the loop in the block?

For reference, here's the process_rows method in the gem:

def process_rows(&block)
  File.foreach( @filename, RECORD_SEPARATOR ) do |line|
    unless line[0].chr == COMMENT_CHAR
      line = line.chomp( RECORD_SEPARATOR ) line.split( FIELD_SEPARATOR, -1) ) if block_given?
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You can use yield instead of if you're talking about the default block supplied to a method. – tadman Apr 17 '13 at 2:27

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You're probably looking for the break command.

Inside any Ruby loop you can put this instruction to stop the execution and return something (or not), so you can use it like:

loop do
  break if some_condition

To control your execution.

An always welcome link to ruby-doc:

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I think you're looking for the break keyword.

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