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OK, so I am pulling some data from a sqlite database and I can't figure out how to properly format them when showing to the users...I'm using python 2.5.

    studentid = raw_input("Enter your student ID: ")
appdecision = cur.fetchall()
cur.execute('SELECT GRANT FROM FINAID WHERE STUDENTID = ?', (studentid,))
grant = cur.fetchall()
if (appdecision == 'ACCEPTED'):
print 'congratulations'
    print 'sorry'

print (appdecision)
print (grant)

the results are getting printed like so,

Enter your student ID: 100006

I want to be able to print it such as Accepted, and $9500....also. How do I check for the specific value so I can congratulate the users which have been accepted? Thanks so much!

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Print it as:

print (appdecision[0][0])
print (grant[0][0])

This is because [(u'ACCEPTED',)] is a list that contains a tuple that contains the string "ACCEPTED". Similarly, you'll have to check for a value like this:

if appdecision[0][0] == "ACCEPTED":
    print "Congratulations!"
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Thanks! This works perfectly! – engr007 Apr 17 '13 at 2:59

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